Ahjo Ensemble is a Helsinki-based chamber choir founded in 2013. The choir's mission is to perform versatile choir repertoire on the level of highest quality. During its first years Ahjo Ensemble has focused especially on performing contemporary Finnish choir music and working in several cross-genre productions.

In 2018 Ahjo Ensemble celebrated its five-year anniversary by performing actively both in Finland and in Italy, where the choir toured in April. Highlights of the year include the performance of Sergei Rachmaninov’s All-night Vigil at the Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki and in Offida, Italy and the Anniversary Concert “ALKU/Beginning” (26.10.2018 at Konepajan Bruno in Helsinki), which was broadcast on radio by YLE (the Finnish Public Broadcasting Company). The program of the anniversary concert celebrated the multifaceted musical repertoire of the choir and included three world premieres by contemporary Finnish composers Salla Hakkola, Jussi Chydenius and Anton Valle. In September 2018 Ahjo shared the Helsinki Hartwall Arena stage with Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and soloists at the hugely popular Classical Trancelations in Concert (29.9.2018), which was also broadcast live on TV by YLE.

In 2014 Ahjo Ensemble began an ambitious project of performing all the works for mixed choir by the modern Finnish composer Bengt Johansson. The concert series was brought to completion in fall 2017. Ahjo has performed in several Finnish classical music festivals, cooperated with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and UMO Jazz Orchestra and performed with the Finnish pop producer Pykäri at Flow Festival in August 2017. Ahjo Ensemble was chosen as finalist at the international Harald Andérsen Chamber Choir Competition in 2016, and part of the choir's competition program was broadcast by BBC Radio 3.